Three Car Accidents, Maybe

I passed two different car accidents during my 26 minute drive to Santa Monica this morning for therapy. No injuries in either one, I saw everyone involved. But I told my therapist that I thought it was a bad omen. She said she wasn’t sure. 

On my way home a few hours later, I approached what I thought was another accident. How is it that I saw three different accidents today? It was only until I was right next to the two cars facing each other that I saw it wasn’t a crash. It was  a guy named Johnny, seemingly a stranger, helping out a car full of girls by jump-starting their engine. 

“Johnny, thank you so much. What do you like, wine? We can buy you wine,” one girl offered. 

“No, please, I don’t need anything. I felt like a jerk when I passed by the first time and didn’t stop,” he countered.

For the rest of the drive home, I pondered what this meant. I saw two car crashes, and I thought I was about to see a third, but I didn’t. It was actually a random act of kindness. 

It could mean nothing, I thought for a second. Maybe it means nothing, besides that life is random and I just have to sit back and live it. 

But maybe, just maybe, these 2 accidents and one not-accident mean that just because something has happened more than once doesn’t mean it will happen again. Maybe everything isn’t always as it seems.

I guess it either means nothing, or whatever I want it to mean. Signs are subjective, signs are what I want to see. 

I thought I saw three car accidents today, but instead, one was actually a random act of kindness from a stranger.  

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