Herb’s Heart

My Grandpa, Herb, was in the hospital for the last months of his life, supported by my Grandma. For their 60th anniversary, the nurses spoiled them: decorations, (off-regimen) steak, a handmade card. “Thankful for knowing this inspirational couple. Here’s to reaching an incredible milestone in your love story.” My Grandpa, with his big heart, took me to Europe for my Bat Mitzvah in 2010, cried while we watched “Wonder,” and died because his big heart failed. I feel his love, strength, and silly wiggling ears beating through me. “It must have been an unbelievable 60 years,” his heart surgeon wrote. It definitely was.

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 4.20.31 PM
The Philly-themed card made by his nurses, crowded inside with loving messages from those nurses, doctors, and surgeons.

I submitted this short love story to the NYTimes Modern Love Tiny Love Stories but haven’t heard back so, putting it out here. I hope your heart hurts in the best way when you read this. I hope your heart hurts and reminds you that it is so full of all the love you have inside of it.


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