Self-Care Sunday

Hi, welcome! Here, I keep track of my self-care Sunday routines and I encourage you all to practice self-care every Sunday along with me. Here we go:




Today I slept in until literally 11:00am which is very rare for me but I was up until very late Saturday night so it had to be done. I got up slowly, wrote my morning pages for The Artist’s Way, ate breakfast and had coffee, then went to Uncool (local bar and restaurant we love). Hope and I met the cutest puppy there (pictured with our friend Michael). We got ingredients at Whole Foods for this dinner and the watermelon for an experimental recipe we’re trying out. I’m trying to make one new recipe per week! After making the pasta, I watched an episode of Buffy with Chayla and then retreated to my room where I watched way too many cooking videos.



Going to start this up again! This lovely Sunday, I was celebrating 3 years of friendship with my roommate, Chayla, because why do we only celebrate romantic anniversaries? We got coffee and waffles at Blue Bottle and because I go there so often, our coffees were free LOL. Then we headed to Malibu and laid on the beach and relaxed for a couple hours. After, we headed to the famous Broad Street Oyster Co. for lobster rolls, then Broad Street Coffee Co. for some amazing vanilla gelato. We headed home and watched an episode of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and it was probably one of the more perfect days I’ve had in a while. It reminded me of why I live in LA.




Since I’ve been feeling my seasonal affective disorder the most on Sundays, I decided to plan my Sunday to try to avoid that. The hardest is waking up, so I planned to play tennis with a friend at 11. After, we got smoothies then I did some errands (CVS, groceries) and chores (cleaned the kitchen, laundry). I finished The Flight Attendant and I’m making my favorite dish: pad thai for dinner. Hoping to take a bath go to bed around 10, and so far, I feel better than I have the past two Sundays so that’s something!


Today was one of those days when I knew I needed to do nothing, so nothing is what I did.


Slept in pretty late today, ’til about 9:30 AM or so. I’m trying to get back into meditation, to control my anxiety a bit more, so I started off with 10 minutes of Headspace meditation. After I had some eggs, I walked to the mailbox to send some letters, then stopped at Whole Foods for my weekly purchase of flowers. Then, I headed over to Plummer Park to play tennis and walk with my friend Emily. Honestly, the only real socializing I’ve been doing lately has been when I’m playing tennis. It’s a crazy scary time right now, and with cases on the rise, my anxiety has been pretty bad. My plan for the rest of the day is to shower, clean my room, paint my nails, do some writing, and then… sleep super early because work is at 5 AM tomorrow!


Today was a working Sunday, but it was a fun and creative project! Sarah and I have been working on a short web series together; I’ve been producing it and she’s writing and starring in it. Today, we filmed from 7:30 AM until 6:00 PM and we finished the third and last episode! After we cleaned up, I made some pad thai, watched Schitt’s Creek and finished it for the second time since March, did an eye mask and got in bed early!


Woke up today and headed to Target to get some errands out of the day. Later, I cleaned my room then Sarah came over to meet about the short web series that we’re making together! We film our last episode next Sunday.  After that, I had another quick meeting with my friend Josie, to discuss next steps for the organization we’re founding, Mental Health Content Collective. Immediately after, I took a nap then had some cereal, showered, did a face mask, typed this us, then will watch Schitt’s Creek while I fold laundry. Finally, sleep at 10 PM, a sign of a good Sunday.


Read my book before bed! Sometimes that’s all the self care I can do, and that’s perfectly fine.


Post-Halloween resting day.


Started off with exercise again, one of my favorite ways to start a Sunday. Sarah and I played tennis again at the Echo Park courts, for about an hour. Then, I went home and made an omelette with mushrooms, showered, and did some laundry. Later, I treated myself to a manicure (much-needed after last weekend), then met up with my friend for happy hour in Culver City. After that, my roommates and I watched the new Borat movie. Great movie, and great Sunday.


Today was a bad day. It was out of my control, but I found out some news that really hurt me. I did take care of myself. I cried a lot, I talked to friends, I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love, and I slept early. It will take time but I will heal and I will get better, and be better because of this pain. Not every Sunday can be good.


Started off the morning with exercise, for the first time in SO long. And it felt great. I played tennis with my friend Sarah at the Echo Park courts. They were great because they were kind of shaded in this crazy heat. Later, I went on an ice cream date and it was so fun, especially to get to know a new guy and of course, to get good ice cream. (Actually, it was totally gelato from Gelato Festival, and it was great).


This afternoon, I got a massage! It was lovely and much-needed. I went to a masseuse I’ve been to before, so I knew that it would be safe and low-risk. Later, I met up with my friend for great cookies & cream ice cream from Masthi Malone’s. It was my first time there and it was great. I went to be pretty early because Monday was my first day of my new job at Love, Victor!!!


I have to admit, I am writing this a few days past Sunday, and I’ve forgotten my Sunday for the most part. I do remember that I drank lots of water to prepare for the Yom Kippur fast the next day, and that I watched Friends in bed before I slept pretty early. Oh, I also finally finished watching The Mandalorian! This is a remind, though, to myself, to not put things off, or you will forget what you were going to write!!!


We woke up around 9am in Palm Springs, my roommates and I that is. Heather went out and grabbed us breakfast, then we all headed to the pool. I took some breaks to watch Love, Victor and hang in the AC. Later, we had an early dinner at this cool restaurant called Tropicale, where we split a pizza and I got some lettuce wraps and a coke! After dinner, we played Mario Party, as we have been doing each night recently, and I won! Before bed, I watched some more Love, Victor. Great show.


I was on set from 10:15am to 9:00pm today, it was crazy exhausting! It was also super fun and I felt so good after. I produced a short web series that my best friend Sarah wrote and starred it and it’s been really awesome. When I got home from set, I took a quick shower, had some leftover Thai fried rice then of course, some mint chocolate chip ice cream, then rushed to watch the last two episodes of one of my favorite recent showers, Why Women Kill on CBS All Access!!!


Woke up this morning just before 7, caught the tail end of the sunrise on the back porch,  then went for a walk with my airbnb host and her huge, fluffy white dog, Santo. It was so hot even that early but it was a gorgeous walk with horses and a river that Santo loved (pictured below). I did some writing and some postcard making, then headed to an outdoor bookstore in Ojai on my way home. Once I was there, I started feeling super weak and hungry so I got a salad from a place nearby, but it was too hot to even eat it outside. In the car, it was tough to be honest, because it was so hot. I had to pull over once before I got on the freeway to breathe and sit before continuing then stopping again at a grocery store to use the bathroom and buy some bread and cold water. It was 121 degrees at one point on my drive home! I finally made it and just rested the night away.



Started off this morning by tackling some items on my to-do list. My handyman came over to make my new bedside table, our coffee table, and our bar cart. Then, I went on a lovely hike (walk) at Elysian Park with two old friends from USC, one of whom, Maddie, was visiting from Texas for the week. After that, Maddie and I had Urth Caffé for lunch then I headed to Whole Foods to grab groceries for the week before heading home. Honestly, I felt a bit off today. Two nights ago, I had a strange dream where someone I care about died and the next day, I thought I saw that person (we don’t talk anymore). Luckily, at night, I watched Jojo Rabbit with my roommates so I was able to cry it out and felt so much better after, naturally. I did some laundry too and cleaned up my room, which felt great. I FaceTimed a new friend before sleeping around 12:30 a.m., too late, but sometimes a good conversation shouldn’t be interrupted, even for sleep. Anyway, my call time on Monday is 9 a.m., so late compared to the usual 8 or even 7 a.m.


Ah, the day before my first day of work, so of course, I did as little as possible. I tutored my girl Tessa, then I went with my roommate to get a manicure outside at a very safe place.  I got a shiny metallic blue color! Later, I had a meeting with a friend for our new project we are working on together and that’s it!


In the morning, I cleaned up the kitchen first. Then, I went to Whole Foods with my roommate and stocked up mostly on veggies, fruit, bread, and some frozen food. After, I FaceTimed with my family then painted canvases for a couple friends back home with a John Mayer quote on each: “the heart of life is good.” We all LOVE that song. (I saw him in concert in September, a few days after my Grandpop died, and cried my eyes out during that song).

Later, I watched Captain Fantastic (a great movie) and my friend came over to say hi and see my new apartment! It was nice to be social for a bit, outside on the balcony, of course. My roommates (Chayla and Heather) and I made scallops for dinner, thanks to Cravings by Chrissy Tiegan) and they were super YUMMY. I was so proud of us. Then, Chayla and I got ice cream at Wanderlust. I got their vanilla because it is the absolute best vanilla ever, thanks to lots of marzipan, they told me. I watched Flower after (love you, Adam Scott), cleaned up my room a bit, did my gratitude journaling, and watched some of Guardians of the Galaxy before sleeping before midnight. First day of work tomorrow at 9 a.m.!


I started off this Sunday by trying to make my desk. It was going well until I got stuck. Later, I went to the Larchmont Farmer’s Market with my new roommate, Chayla! The line was long and it was hot so we walked around instead. I treated myself to a dress (only $50, on sale from $150!) and a Chinese chicken salad from Kreation. After that, I headed to Michael’s to get some artwork framed and HomeGoods to get a bedside table. Between those stores, I stopped for some happy hour snacks at Jinya Ramen. I got crispy chicken, carmelized cauliflower, and a pork bun, SO good. At night, my roommates and I ordered in Jon & Vinny’s and we ate it outside with some red wine and evening wind down tunes, and it was lovely. I read before bed, did my daily gratitude journaling, and slept before midnight which was a great way to end one week and start a new one!


Today, I was exhausted. Not the best way to start a Sunday, but I did take that as a sign and I canceled all my plans. In the morning, I did my grocery shopping at Whole Foods for the upcoming week. Then, I went to make some returns (and let’s be honest, a little shopping, too) at the Beverly Center. I also bought some cute Kate Spade notecards and a little gift to send to my friend who had a bad weekend. She told me she was in a situation with people who made her feel unloved so I am sending her a book, The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur as well as a t-shirt that says “LOVED” on it. After, I came home and ordered my favorite comfort food – chicken fried rice from Thai by Trio near USC – and just rested the rest of the day. I watched The Avengers as part of the Marvel marathon I’ve been doing with my sister then finished watching Clueless and went to bed at 11:30, not too bad!


This was the ultimate self-care Sunday. Amelia and I drove 45 minutes to this donut place in Glendora, CA, called The Donut Man. There, we waited 1 hour and 40 minutes in line to get these donuts. Then, we drove 45 minutes back. It was (probably) worth it because we had nothing else to do on this Sunday but it was a loooong time. The donuts were GOOD, though. Like, really good. We brought back extras for our new neighbors and our family friends because if we waited that long, we had to get more than just for us. Later, we started making my bed frame then decided doing the headboard was enough. We watched Thor until we went to bed pretty early (which I’ve been doing a lot lately and my mind and body have both been very much enjoying it).

The last piece of my peach donut from The Donut Man.


This Sunday involved a LOT of packing and a little bit of ice cream, as it was national ice cream day, of course. Then, of course, my dad and I had to finish Russian Doll that we started the day before. It was SO good. I also took a lovely bath in the morning. It was a good, chill day.


Started off the day by making some waffles for breakfast. Then, I FaceTimed with my friend to plan a project with her that we are both very excited about. After that, my other friend came over and we walked to campus to sit on the SCA lawn and get some writing done. We read out loud one of her latest scripts that I am set to producer (reading it out loud always helps), which was great because she ended up liking it more than she thought and I liked it, too. We grabbed lunch and ate it in the USC Village then I came home and rested. My roommate, Julia, and I had a couple friends over (safely) outside and we ate pasta and chatted for a few hours. It was so nice to socialized. At the end of the night, Julia and I did face masks, ate ice cream, and watched Sausage Party.


Today, I finally felt more settled in to my new apartment in West Hollywood! I started off my FaceTiming with my family then tackled the last of my postcards that I was selling to donate the money to Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM). Later, I cooked for the first time in my new apartment! I made rice, zucchini, mushrooms, and egg like a little stir fry. It was pretty good and it felt right to break in the kitchen with a healthy meal (although of course I had some of my red, white, and blue Oreos for dessert).


To be honest, I forgot to write about this day because I was busy packing and saying goodbye to my house! It was a big move to officially leave Connecticut for LA ~for good~ but it didn’t feel that different. I have been on the West Coast for 5 years now (in August), after all…)


Father’s Day Self-Care Sunday: We started off this special day by walking the dogs at the park, even my sister got up early to join. Later, we had bagels for brunch then hung out on the back porch. We all rested until my dad and I went to Mr. Frosty’s for ice cream and I got the best banana soft serve. It was unreal. Later, Amelia and I cooked a shrimp / rice / veggie and tomato sauce dish and my mom made my dad his two requested desert cakes (pineapple upside down and chocolate chip) and we had a lovely dinner outside again! We all went around and shared our favorite memory with my dad and it was just perfect. Sometimes spending time with loved ones is the only self care I need.


Probably one of the best Sundays in the Q, this particular one started off with tennis. Mia and I walked to the tennis courts in our neighborhood and hit back and forth for about half an hour then walked home. We quickly headed to Fortuna’s to pick up some mac n cheese then ate it sitting watching the water at the Saugatuck Reservoir (that big body of water you pass on the way to Ferris Acres, if you’re from the area). Later, I watched a classic, The Parent Trap, and stood my ground when during dinner, my parents made fun of me because “that’s a movie for 12-year-olds.” Then, my mom and I watched a silly movie called The Hustle, but it was entertaining. I went to bed after reading Glennon Doyle’s “Untamed” for 20 minutes and slept a nice 7 hours exactly!


This was a great Sunday. I played tennis with my sister and my dad at Staples High School. Then, I finished watching Love Life on HBOMax. In the evening, my mom and I picked up salads from Joe’s then met our family friends at the beach for dinner. It was lovely there. The sky was gorgeous, almost like a painting and the water was rippling in perfect rhythm. After, I FaceTimed with a friend while I folded my laundry then finished reading “Conversations with Friends” by Sally Rooney before going to sleep (a little too late, but I’ll make up for it next week).


Started off the day by calling my lifelong best friend, Jordan, for her 23rd birthday! It was so nice to chat with her, though we were both a bit bummed we couldn’t be together to celebrate her birthday and to have a drink for our 21 years of friendship. Then, I went on a hike to Castle Craig with my sister and my dad. It was incredible. It was long but not too hard besides one steep area and the view and nature and air was beautiful. After that, we went home and rested. I showered and did a face mask. At night, we watched a movie then I slept early because I was exhausted from all the walking!

Me being “Madhappy” at Castle Craig!


To get out of the house, we went to Lazy Lobster in Milford for some lobster rolls and then the ice cream shop across the street, Walnut Beach Creamery. I got Twix ice cream, so good. Later, we did a lot of puzzling which is somehow challenging and relaxing at the same time. Then, we met my cousin Erin and her boyfriend John at the beach because they were driving through Westport. We skipped rocks, talked about how we’ve been doing, and took some socially distanced photos together.


The last day of my graduation weekend! I didn’t do much during the day besides walk. I drove to Rye, NY in the morning to walk with my USC friend, Hannah. Then, I rested at home before walking with my neighbor and Staples High School friend, Reece. We walked to the Levitt Pavilion downtown behind the library and walked across the stage, because we both graduated last week. At night, I watched some Mad Men then started The Mandalorian with my dad!


Self-Care Sunday, Mother’s Day edition! Started off this sunny Sunday with a walk at the dog park with my parents and my pups, then when we got home, I made eggs over-easy for all of us. After, we put on our dirty clothes and went outside to plant our mother’s day garden for Mom. It looks pretty good, especially after the rain! For dinner, my dad cooked Mom’s favorite: trout! Super yummy and overall, a beautiful day with a beautiful mama. (I did a beautiful job procrastinating working on my finals, too, but as long as I get them done eventually, right?)


It was a gorgeous day in Westport, CT this Sunday, so I, along with my mom, my dad, and my dogs (my sister sleeps until no earlier than 1pm every day) sat on the porch, the humans enjoying fresh bagels with Lox. There is NOTHING like an East Coast bagel to start off your Sunday (15 points to East Coast). Finally, I finished the article I’ve been putting off for no reason because I enjoyed writing it and it even kind of wrote itself. After handing that in, Amelia and I took a walk because we figured we should leave the house at least once and move around since it was such lovely weather. We walked our normal route while playing 20 questions and listening to her playlist. When we got home, we chilled out for a bit then watched Peter Pan while scarfing down ice cream from Ferris Acres Creamery. I didn’t get through much of my To Do list, even the self-care aspects, but that’s alright.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 3.25.01 PM
As seen on our walk, behind the beautiful new Westport Library.


I woke up a bit past 10am to the smell of Challah french toast, made with the Challah my sister made on Friday for Shabbat. It was the best start to the day (thanks, Dad). I went back to bed after that (because why wouldn’t I) to watch SNL from last night and I was disappointed, besides in Beck Bennett, of course. Why do I love him so much? Anyway, later, I made Mac & Cheese for lunch, watched Mad Men, FaceTimed with my friend Josh, then had to record some audio for my podcast for class with my sister. After homemade chicken soup for dinner (thanks again, Dad), my sister, my dad, and our dogs all curled up on the couch to watch the last installment of our jam-packed Star Wars weekend: Rise of Skywalker. It did not disappoint, what a great trilogy, wow. If you haven’t watched those, WHAT are you waiting for! I FaceTime a close friend and Star Wars nerd after to discuss the movie and catch up, now packing in one more FaceTime then sleeping before 12:30 I hope! Sleep is the easiest way to stay awake tomorrow, I hope that makes sense because I’m not sure, but you know what I mean!

My sister, Amelia, cuddling with her brother, Cooper, during Star Wars.


Started the day by getting up relatively early, around 9:30 am, so I went to the dog park and we did a couple loops with the dogs. It was nice, warm enough in the sun. When we got home, my dad and I (inspired by Maddie and Paige) made toast with an egg in a hole in the middle. It was SO good (pictured below). I watched two movies: The Talented Mr. Ripley with my mom and then Big Hero 6 with my sister. After, we puzzled for a while and joined our parents in watching Lucifer for the 1,527th hour of this time at home. I went to be relatively early, before 1 am. What is time these days, anyway?

We used a heart cutout to make the whole so we toasted the hearts, too. YUM!


It was a nice Sunday! I did some work I had to do in the morning, in a group meeting on Zoom and then a Zoom interview with a friend. It was nice because the topic of the interview actually allowed us to bond and I feel closer to her after it. Amelia (my younger sister) woke up at 2 pm so we went at 2:30 to the Saugatuck Reservoir and met my friend Jackie and her dog, Mila. We chatted from six feet apart then they left and Amelia and I went down by the water. We sat there and each said five things we’re grateful for while listening to the peaceful crashing of the waves and breathing in the fresh air. At night, I watched Onward (super cute movie) then FaceTimed a couple different friends!


I started off the day with a FaceTime with an old friend, it was so nice to catch up, especially since we hadn’t chatted at length in a while. But it’s one of those friendships that can just be picked right back up, you know? I had a meeting for school with my group (on Zoom, of course) for a cool project we’re doing where we’re collecting data from Pulsar then making a PR plan for our show, The Voice, to present to NBC in (ah!) a few weeks. After that, Dad said everyone has to come start our John Hughes education so we all gathered downstairs in the middle of the day to watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles. It was nice, the movie and the gathering. My boss called so I did a little more work for her, but only an hour because then I had my book club, Girls Who Read, meeting Zoom. It went so well, we had a handful of people join and we discussed one of my favorite books, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb. After that, I started this online course I’m taking for free and for fun at Yale (because I love Yale) called The Science of Well-Being, taught by Laurie Santos. So many people are taking the course online and it’s really great so far. This week, my assignment is to journal about 5 things I’m grateful for for at least five minutes every night. I’m excited! Will report back. I stayed up a little too late doing the class but sleep has been weird this whole time, either too much of too little. I’m still figuring out the balance.



I started my day with a hike in the Pacific Palisades at 9:30 am! I am VP of Health and Wellness at USC Hillel so once a month, I lead a hike! It was a great start to my Sunday. Then, I stopped by a friend’s house for a birthday brunch and had some fruit and a bagel with my new favorite topping, lox. After that, I went home and watched some Netflix. Later, I will be meeting up with a cool USC student I found on Instagram who is also a mental health advocate. Then, I have to meet for a group project and after that, I’m seeing a friend who is taking this semester off for mental health.


First, I started my day off by going to Smorgasburg in DTLA with some friends from high school. We treated ourselves to some extremely yummy Lobster Truffle Fries then each got one or two fantastic rice balls. After that, I took some time to catch up on work with a friend. Later, I saw The Favourite with another friend at a cute little independent movie theater in DTLA. I had popcorn and Sour Patch Watermelon and though I didn’t particularly enjoy the movie, it was a nice, relaxing experience.


Today, I did a lot of work: studying and essay writing. Sometimes, you just have to. However, at night, I showered then used a face mask and then lit a candle and wrote in my journal – BALANCE!


Well, today was a day. I spent about 5 hours in the library, but not actually doing hardcore work. I ordered some clothes online (treat yo’ self), ate some corned beef, and hung out with friends there. After that, I started my new healthy working out lifestyle – I ranwalked a mile! Then, I showered and did a face mask and now I’m writing this while watching my favorite show, Friends.



It was a very low-key self-care Sunday today. I got a nice burrito with rice, chicken and guac which was a treat. I also did my laundry, taking care of my needs. Then I relaxed and watched friends then wrote in my journal for a while 🙂


Today I started off with a birthday brunch at a restaurant in Santa Monica called The Penthouse. It had a GORGEOUS view of the beach and the food was pretty good. Then I walked around Santa Monica with a few of the girls from the birthday brunch. I treated myself to a pair of jeans and a shirt from a thrift store we went to. Next, I went to an art gallery opening at Hillel where I spoke for a minute about my group, Challah for Hunger.


I flew home after a great weekend in Vegas! I got back home around 11 and then I took a 3-hour nap (after getting literally 1 hour of sleep the previous night). After that I watched Now You See Me (because I was inspired by the magic surrounding Las Vegas) then did a face mask and went to bed early. A successful day full of sleep and face masks!


Today was another relaxing day as the day before, I had like 9 hours of volunteer work (LA Food Bank and New Filmmakers LA Festival) where I was standing up the whole entire time. So I am literally about to go to bed at 10:15 tonight. I didn’t do much today besides treat myself to frozen yogurt with a friend and watch only my favorite new movie, The Greatest Showman.


I got home from my spring break in Madrid/Dublin today! And so I was pretty tired and jetlagged, however, I forced myself to go to Trader Joe’s and get some healthy food for next week. Then I watched I, Tonya (I honestly didn’t like it so much that I stopped watching before it was over). After that, I hung out with a friend and then headed right to bed around 10 (so jetlagged).


Today, I treated myself to a movie with my boy. We saw Black Panther and it was GREAT! I’m usually not one for action films but this one was awesome and so much more than just an action film. I could go on but anyway, later, I could have and maybe should have done work but I treated myself to another movie, Finding Dory. I also got organized and put away my laundry finally and did one more load and then I watched the Oscars! After that, I went to Bigg Chill and treated myself again to some dairy-free frozen yogurt, yum!


Shopping day! I had to buy some clothes for practical purposes but then I also got myself a nice dress that I liked and some good food like Kiwi and yummy fruit juice to take with my medicine. Other than that, I worked a lot then crashed right after so at least I slept well. I didn’t do much to take care of myself today but that’s ok because I realized I need to do a better job next Sunday!


I definitely took a break today! I woke up late then stayed in bed for another hour or so so I didn’t really get up and start my day until about 2 pm. When I did, I ate then played Sims for a solid few hours. There were some things I could have done but I decided not to. I was planning on doing a face mask and whitening strips but, you know, part of self-care is not forcing yourself to do something just because you think that oh, I’m taking a bath, that means I’m taking care of myself. If you don’t want to take a bath, then taking one is not listening to your own wants and needs, thus not taking care of yourself in the best way possible. That’s a hard lesson to learn and abide by but when you do, I promise it will have been worth it. Tomorrow is always right around the corner! Don’t worry too much if there are days here and there where you just don’t feel like doing much of anything. Sometimes your body and mind both need a break and then a fresh start!


I did a big thing for myself this Sunday in the name of health care – I went home. I’d been having some stomach pains for a few weeks now and this past week they intensified immensely and so I hopped on a flight home and I’m going to see a specialist here. I will also get to be home for my birthday on Wednesday! Also, I was already coming home next week because my boss is gone for two weeks so no work! Aside from that, I ate healthily but treated myself to some dairy-free ice cream for dessert. I napped on the plane and now will be going to bed around midnight or 1 am as I have to watch a movie for my internship.


I started off my day by sleeping in, because I deserved it! Then I went to Trader Joe’s to get fruits and veggies for the week and Target to get a second pair of bed sheets. After that, I met up with a friend at Smorgasburg LA where we treated ourselves to flowery drinks (mine was butterflypea?) and vegan pizzas. I also bought a couple cute prints. One says, “We live at the edge of miraculous” and the other says, “She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.” Later, I watched the Eagles game with my friends and had a healthy veggie hot dog for dinner! I ended the night continuing with my binge watching of Amazing Race Season 23 with my new friend, Rusty. I will be trying to go to bed before 12 if I finish my script coverage in time and hopefully meditating tomorrow morning! Also, I deleted my Instagram today and I will be taking the month off social media, or at least trying my best to do so.


Today, I woke up and had a meeting at a cute coffee shop with my best friend, Sarah, to talk about movie ideas. We want to make a short film! After that, I went to The Grove and I bought some clothing for work. I treated myself to a cute crossbody bag that I could use when I go to Madrid/Dublin for spring break! I also treated myself to a Pressed Juice vanilla freeze with strawberries and dark chocolate chips. Later, I watched the Grammys with a friend then a movie and a TV episode with another friend in bed.


Today, I went to the Lakers game! There, I treated myself to a shirt and some chips! I also bought a nice healthy smoothie and spent some time with an old friend. Then, I went over to visit another old friend and made plans with her to go to a workout class next weekend!


Today, I treated myself to a manicure. Then I did some work (made a budget for January once I get to school). Next, I relaxed and watched some of the Pittsburgh game with my dad and then some of the new show I’m binge watching, Girlboss on Netflix. Later, I made a healthy dinner (quinoa, egg, spinach, zucchini) for my dad and me! I did some painting after dinner with my sister while we watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and then showered and put on some comfy PJs. After I put on my Mario Badescu facial lifesaving cream, I started listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack (amazing movie) and now I am watching Girlboss again!


I started off the day right with some eggs, a hardy breakfast: one egg white and one whole egg scrambled. In the afternoon, my mom and I went to Barnes and Noble, a dangerous store for me, and I bought a few books to tide me over during the weeks before I return to LA. Then we went to Michael’s where we spent a gross amount of money on supplies for crafting – everything from paint to stickers to wax (for candles, of course). At night, I treated myself to some Nilla Wafers cookies and snuggled up with my dog, Cooper, to watch the Golden Globes where I rooted for my favorite shows (Big Little Lies, This Is Us, Stranger Things, The Amazing Mrs. Meisel) and my favorite new movies (Coco, Ladybird, The Greatest Showman, Baby Driver)! I was going to do a face mask and take a bath later but I know my body and its telling me to just turn in early and read before bed.



Today, I treated myself by seeing all my friends from growing up in Philly! I also bought a pair of jeans that fit well and a sweatshirt, both of which I probably didn’t need but I knew that one of my new years resolutions was to spend less so I saw the opportunity and took it! Next, I got all did up to go out to dinner and then went home at 11:30 because I knew my body needed rest!


First off, I watched 4 movies/shows so that should have been enough (LOL). Then, I treated myself to a soda at dinner (well ginger ale because my tummy hurt a bit). After, I did whitening strips and a face mask! However, I left the whitening strips on too long which you should never do…


I’m in Florida, in West Palm Beach visiting my grandparents! Today, I went to the pool! Then we went to see Wonder (my grandfather cried the whole time it was so sweet and he says he always does). Then we went out for dinner then I did a face mask then finished my book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, which I very much recommend.  After that I read some quotes and wrote a little and watched a little bit of a movie, What Happened to Monday (also pretty good) then went to bed!