I’m starting off with book reviews here, but may expand to film, television, and maybe even podcasts. If you want to read one of the following books, I recommend buying from Barnes & Noble or a local book store. The book titles link to Barnes & Noble.


“Dear Girls” by Ali Wong

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I did enjoy this book, although it took me a couple months to get through. Ali Wong is definitely funny and she’s a pretty good writer. I think maybe some of the content was too specific for me to relate to and care about, even though I do care about Ali Wong and even like her. The idea was sweet, she was writing letters to her two daughters about parts of her life she wants them to know because she lost her dad and still had so many questions for him about his life. One part that made me somewhat uncomfortable was the graphic details about her sex life when I know this is meant to be read by her kids one day. I hope she prints a less explicit version for them, no matter their age when they read it. It was a decent book, but I would only recommend it if you already own or could easily borrow it. MY RATING: 6/10

“I Might Regret This” by Abbi Jacobson 

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This comedic recounting of Abbi’s journey on her cross-country solo road trip was good.  I read it fairly quickly and I count that as a plus because it must have kept me engaged enough to want to come back to it each night. However, there wasn’t much, I don’t know, meat (?) to it. I don’t mean this to be as harsh as it sounds, but I could have read it and then forgotten all about it. If you don’t have an unconditional love for Abbi Jacobson and Broad City, then this probably isn’t the book for you. Her humor is contagious, but the small details about her life may be insignificant unless you already know about and like her before you start reading. That said, the funniest moments come in her thoughts, in the way she sees the world with her anxiety, love, and charm. Her late night journals are as hilarious as they are sad and relatable. This book was definitely good, but before you read it, you should probably watch Broad City so you can understand Abbi Jacobson  better first. MY RATING: 7.7/10