College Crafts

I think it’s a mix of me trying to distract myself from the fact that I’m leaving for college in basically two minutes and my little sister’s crafty nature rubbing off on me, but lately I’ve been weirdly into crafting so…

Here are some fun and easy crafts I’ve made for my dorm (really apartment) room!!

  1. Photo letters


All you have to do to make these is print out tiny little photos of you and your friends and then use Mod Podge glue and a foam brush to put them on some wooden letters (I got mine from Michael’s)! It’s easiest if you start with one corner and begin by putting the glue on the letter then putting some photos down then gluing over the photos again. These make for great presents for your friends, too! And I even painted the edges of the one I made for myself silver to match my room.

  1. Actual letters


I saw this “open when” letters idea on Pinterest so long ago and couldn’t wait to do it myself. I wrote some letters for my younger friends that say things like “open when you’re feeling sad” or “open when you’re anxious” or “open when you’re nervous for a date.” Then I wrote letters to a few of my best friends thanking them for everything they’ve done for me through the years and wishing them good luck on their first day of school and most importantly, reassuring them that I want our friendship to last.

  1. Actual photos

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This is my favorite. I think the black and white makes it look classy and goes better with the color scheme of my room (silver, white, light blue, navy blue). I got the cork boards at Michael’s and decorated four of them with photos that I printed and picked up the same day at Walgreens.

Then I decorated two of them with silver sparkly adhesive paper and silver sparkly tape and tacked on some mementos from high school like a football game ticket and a mini field hockey stick keychain and an Inklings and a TAG business card and a photo of Liberty and some other small things that just remind me of home and happy memories.

P.S. I think I spent more money at Michael’s this summer, between these crafts and making bracelets for Made by Mia, than I did on clothes or food or anything else… gooooooood.

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