Like in my favorite Wii game ever, Mario Kart, this is just a little checkpoint, an update on my life in SoCal.

So, college rocks. I mean I’m not really in college yet but at the same time I kind of am. I’m a spring admit at USC so I don’t start classes there until the fall. Right now though, I’m living right off campus in an apartment with three amazing roommates and taking three classes at Santa Monica College (SMC) twice a week.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:


My friend Francesca was wearing a really cool bandeau at the tailgate for the first football game last week and so I looked into where she got it and now I’m working for them! The company is so cool – it’s called Victorywear and they sell trendy, cool game day clothing for USC, UMiami, and UMichigan students.

Part of my job is to amp up the Instagram and Facebook page so CHECK THEM OUT AND FOLLOW/LIKE THEM PLEASE!!!


I’ve been to a few cool places so far: Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica Beach, the Grove and LA Live. Tomorrow, my roommate Amanda and I are going shopping for a big party this weekend and then to some cool ice cream place (obviously).

I definitely need to do more exploring, though. Now that I’m mostly all settled in, I think I will.


Well I haven’t had much work yet but I’m pleasantly surprised to report that I really have been enjoying my classes at SMC.

I’m taking a philosophy class, a sociology class and an English class. The sociology class is my favorite. It’s called African Americans in Contemporary American Society and we speak a lot about women’s rights, too, which I really like. It’s so cool to learn about so many different perspectives. Time goes by so quickly in that class. I’m going to write a more in-depth post on it once I’m finished with the whole semester.


Ok, I’m not reaaaaaaally cooking but I’m making food and I’m surviving and I’m eating the food that my domestic roommate Amanda makes for me! I know, I know, I should learn how to cook. And I will. But first I have to fully get into my groove here. I did figure out how to make a mean salad, though!

Spending stuff (time, money)

I know how lucky I am to soon be going to such a wonderful school with so many opportunities but it’s really hard being on my own, especially since I’m living in an apartment and not on campus. It’s hard to take care of myself and look out for my new friends and keep in touch with my old friends and keep track of the money I spend while not holding myself back from doing fun things.

But it’s a process and slowly it’s all coming into place. It’s just taking some time.

BTW, I’m working on a post about what I learned through moving from Philly to CT in 8th grade that helped me a little bit in this transition to college.

Thanks for caring about me/ reading this!!! 🙂 More later!

One thought on “Checkpoint

  1. Can’t wait to read about the transition from PA to CT as I know that was hard for you (and those you left behind)! I love this blog Zoe! You are an amazing young woman!


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