20 Ways to Make Yourself Happier

Evaluate your happiness: Sit with your feelings. Question them. Allow yourself to really, truly, deeply feel. Get rid of the toxic people: No need to be mean about it but spend your time with only people who lift you up, not bring you down or hold you back in any way. It’s ok if a friend makes […]

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What I’m Thankful For

Here is a list of what I’m thankful for this year: Family, always Friends (especially those who have been there for me in my darkest days, you know who you are) My boyfriend/the love of my life, Roch My dogs, Cooper and Cassie My health Westport My house and my car and my jobs USC […]

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To the Left

If you’re struggling with a physical illness, say you’re running the mile and your stomach cramps, you can easily step over to the left and take a break until you’re ready to run with everyone else again. But it’s not so easy to step over to the left and catch your breath when it comes […]

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Remembering Cody Thomas

“I became a teacher, at least in part, because I wanted to make an impact on other people. That sounds altruistic, but, if you really think about it, it’s an ego thing. Everyone wants to know they’ve left some kind of legacy, and what better way to leave a legacy than influencing the future leaders […]

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