Exploring LA & why I love Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Exhibit @ The Grammy Museum)

If you know me at all, you know there are some pretty random things that I really love an absurd (borderline unhealthy) amount: important people in my life, ice cream, shoes, Snapchat, boys, Philadelphia, movies about love, pencil cases, Kate Spade notebooks, writing and really high up on the list is Taylor Swift.

So if there’s a Taylor Swift exhibit, as there was in LA last month, you know I’m there.

I went with my BFF Sarah (from Staples who also lives in Cali now for school) to The Grammy Museum one classic LA sunny and seventy Saturday.


As we walked through the Taylor Swift exhibit in the museum, I had a little epiphany.

I was looking through all of Taylor’s handwritten lyrics and her old guitars and watching videos of her singing at talent shows and sports games and in her room when she was younger and I realized…


Taylor Swift was once a normal girl. Yes, she’s extremely talented and amazing and wonderful but she was born into this world just like I was and just like you were. She just took her talent and worked her ass off and never gave up to finally get to where she is today: on top of the world (or at least the pop pantheon).

So, I realized, as I looked around me at all of Taylor Swift’s accomplishments and the stories of how she earned her success, that I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT TO DO if I work hard enough. And so can anyone else!

Taylor Swift is my role model. She’s classy and she’s grounded and she’s quirky and she’s caring and her music has gotten me and so many other people through numerous hard times. I used to (yeah no, I totally still do) listen to her songs and pretend she was talking to me or about me– “A Place in this World” when I moved to Connecticut in 8th grade, “Last Kiss” when my middle school “love” and I broke up after I moved, “Clean” whenever I finally move on from a boy, etc.

My roommate, Jackie, calls me a dreamer. And it’s true; I have a long, long list of dreams. And honestly, Taylor Swift makes me believe that I can make my dreams come true. (Note: dreams don’t just come true. You have to make them come true.)

Cheesy? Yes. But true? I believe so.

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